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Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation in Wood Dale, IL has a full team of chiropractors with over 60 years of combined experience!  While serving the neighboring cities of Addison, Bensenville, Itasca, Medinah and Villa Park, the chiropractors at INPR take time out regularly to educate local schools and businesses on the benefits of chiropractic care.

Dr. Michalopoulos likes to refer to his brand of chiropractic care as “Spinal Hygiene.”  This is similar to your dentists view of your teeth.  Both types of doctors are interested in preventing decay because of the destructive nature of degeneration.  However if you lose a tooth you can get a new one, if your spine wears out, what then?  Chiropractors understand your spine’s primary function is to house and protect your spinal cord.  The spinal cord is actually an extension of your brain that gores from the base of your skull all the way to your lower back.  At every level of your spine there is a branch of nerves that both receive and supply specific information to all your organs, muscles and tissues of the body.  Within each of the joints of your spine there are specialized nerves that monitor movement and position.  These highly delicate nerves are integral to proper brain function and can have a global effect on your health. Therefore, spinal joints that are not moving properly or are out of position will interfere with the communication of your nerves between the brain and the body.  This dysfunction and interference occurs most often below the brains ability to perceive and continues on until there is a loss of function great enough to produce a symptom.  So, when you actually get a sign or symptom that something hurts or is not working correctly often times this pattern of nerve interference has been occurring for some time. Part of our care is to point out these dysfunctions and instruct you how to make changes in your lifestyle to minimize things from coming back.

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