At Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation we take a holistic approach to spinal health.  That means, we understand that chiropractic care, massage therapy and physical therapy each fill a specific role as an individual type of care but that when appropriately combined they create dynamic spinal stability and rapid healing. In simplest terms, that means you get better faster. Our in-depth initial exam and evaluation checks you as a whole to see which of these types of care are best suited to you and If you can benefit from the holistic effects of combined care. We then will discuss that with you during your report of findings.

Dr. Michalopoulos likes to refer to his brand of chiropractic care as “Spinal Hygiene.”  This is similar to your dentist’s view of your teeth.  Both types of doctors are interested in preventing decay because of the destructive nature of degeneration.  However if you lose a tooth you can get a new one, if your spine wears out, what then?  Chiropractors understand your spine’s primary function is to house and protect your spinal cord.  The spinal cord is actually an extension of your brain that gores from the base of your skull all the way to your lower back.  At every level of your spine there is a branch of nerves that both receive and supply specific information to all your organs, muscles and tissues of the body.  Within each of the joints of your spine are specialized nerves that monitor movement and position.  These highly delicate nerves are integral to proper brain function and can have a global effect on your health.  Therefore spinal joints that are not moving properly or are out of position will interfere with the communication of your nerves between the brain and the body.  This dysfunction and interference occurs most often below the brains ability to perceive  and continues on until there is a loss of function great enough to produce a symptom.  So, when you actually get a sign or symptom that something hurts or is not working correctly often times this pattern of nerve interference has been occurring for some time. Part of our care is to point out these dysfunctions and instruct you how to make changes in your lifestyle to minimize things from coming back.


Here at Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation physical therapy is front and center in getting people back to work and their normal lives as soon as possible.  We take a functional look at where things are going wrong based upon you.  We do not give you a generic sheet of exercises for you back just because you may have a back injury.  Our well trained, licensed physical therapists assess you as an individual and based up what you can and cannot do functionally we then tailor a precise program to get your body working correctly as a whole.  What you will notice is that our hands on attentive staff will not only help to feel better but to get to the deeper cause of the problem.

Our physical therapy team focuses on workplace injury, orthopedic rehab, sports injuries, as well as, other complex neurological rehabilitation such as stroke and concussion.  We value your time so our staff is equipped to get you in on time and scheduled based upon your convenience, not ours.


Working side by side with our medical staff, the massage therapists here in our office are part of a team approach to getting you well.   Whether you are just here for massage therapy only or are seeing a therapist as part of your overall treatment plan, you are sure to reviewed the highest level of care.  Our staff is trained and licensed as well as having many years of experience.  This allows you to get the proper care and attention you require to recover from injury in as short of time as possible.  We also take pride in educating our patients and clients so that they can prevent injuries from returning.

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