Brain-Based Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Integrative Therapy Getting to the Root Cause of Symptoms

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Does your child have difficulties with reading, math, handwriting, attention, working memory, problem solving, coordination, anxiety, frustration, sleep cycle, sensory processing, or general motivation?

We offer an alternative, holistic, integrative approach.  We combine sensory integration, primitive reflex integration, motor coordination, visual, hemispheric integration, and reading/dyslexia therapy into one comprehensive approach to treating brain and child development by addressing the underlying brain dysfunction related to diagnoses, such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and more.


image          Danielle Nelson, MS, OTR/L

A pediatric occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration and neurological child development.  Danielle has a passion for finding the child’s motivation in order to have fun, and decrease stress and frustrations, while treating underlying impairments, to assist in building the foundation for a balanced happy life.

Experience in most areas of Healthcare, including outpatient clinics with adult and pediatric populations, sensory pediatric clinics, hospitals (neuro, step-down, ortho, and ICU units), acute rehab, subacute rehab, inpatient psych, and in-home Early Intervention.

Trained with functional neurologists as well as SIPT, P.L.A.Y project, DIR/Floortime, and NDT certified therapists.  Certified in the Interactive Metronome, Early Intervention, Eyesight to Insight, Neuro-Child Development, and  Primitive Reflex Integration.

Utilizing the Interactive MetronomeDynavision D2, and play-based brain training exercises in order to rewire the foundation of the nervous system from the “Bottom-UP”.  Performing pre and post treatment standardized motor coordination testing in a supportive family-based environment.

Advanced Treatment for:







Motor Incoordination

Auditory Processing

Visual Motor and Processing

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