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D2™ Vision Training System


Train your visual-motor and cognitive reaction skills.

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The Dynavision D2™ light board measures performance and records the data to track improvement.

Training on the D2™ improves reaction times, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the user makes better, faster, smarter decisions.

D2™ training can help a quarterback see the whole field, while focused on the down field receivers. Baseball batters process the pitched ball’s movement more quickly, resulting in more hits. The Dynavision D2™training routines are customizable, with sport-specific programs for athletes of every level.

The automated Dynavision D2 board holds 64 lights located in concentric ring patterns. Once it’s activated, the lights come on at various speeds and different patterns.  The user is meant to stand in front of the board and react to the lights by hitting them as fast as he or she can during an allotted period of time. The device even keeps track of an individual’s score – helping to serve as an additional motivational tool for already competitive athletes.

Furthermore, the machine houses a tachistoscope, which flashes certain types of information like vocabulary words or math problems on the display at random.  Users then call out the words they see or solve the problems as they continue to hit the illuminated lights for an extra challenge.

Baseline Testing

Using the D2’s™ standardized programs, our medical professionals can record an athlete’s pre-concussion baseline performance.

D2 ™ Vision Training System

The Concussion Project at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and many other centers use the D2™ to baseline test athletes in pre-season. If a concussion occurs, post injury performance can be compared to baseline scores to aid in making a return to play decision.


When a concussion is suspected, the D2™ can be an important, objective assessment tool. Our medical professionals can administer several standardized concussion tests on the D2™ including a retesting of the baseline tests. The test scores objectively reflect changes in visual-gross motor coordination, reaction time and cognitive processing skills.

Dynavision D2™ helping with concussion management.


The D2™ is widely used for rehabilitation of concussion and traumatic brain injuries. At INPR, we will customize D2™ programs to fit each patient’s needs.

Return to Play

Safe return to play following a concussive event is the goal of medical professionals and their patients. By using the D2™ for testing and rehabilitation, user performance data is tracked and graphed to objectively track recovery progress, supporting a better informed return to play decision.

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