A wonderful tribute from Daniel Carcillo and concussion perspective


This is a great video that describes what a concussion is and what happens to the brain.  It also shows the shortcomings of conventional medicine’s approach to assessment and treatment.  They mostly go off of symptoms which are the worst way to accurately tell if someone is okay.  Think of it this way, would it be okay to only judge someone’s heart function by chest pain?

We here at Illinois Neuro and Physical Rehabilitation are on the cutting edge of Brain Based Rehabilitation and Functional Neurology.  We use state of the art technology to monitor the brain and properly assess its current state of function.  What the video did not mention about Sidney Crosby is that conventional medicine was unable to get him back to the ice and it was our mentor, instructor and father of Functional Neurology, Ted Carrick DC, Ph.D, who by using the same techniques that we do, got Sidney Crosby back on the ice.  That is the second video below. Please watch and enjoy them both.


Sidney Crosby interview on concussion and the treatment that got him back on the ice.  In this clip Dr. Ted Carrick of Carrick Brain Centers is featured as part of his recovery.  Dr. Michalopoulos has spent over 600 hours learning from Dr. Carrick of the prestigious Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and uses the same Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment here at Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation.


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